Our school

"Springwood Public School seeks to educate each child to the full extent of his or her capability in a stimulating environment. We want the school to be judged by: its initiative, innovation and flexibility; a reputation for teaching effectively in all key learning areas; a reputation as a school which cares for its students, where self-esteem is valued, appropriate behaviour is rewarded and where children feel safe and happy; planning for continuous development." Springwood Public School has a fine tradition of sound schooling combined with special activities to expand students' experiences. These include a Writers' Camp, Mathematics and Science Week, Healthy Lifestyles Week and Creative and Performing Arts Week. These events are arranged on a two year cycle and involve the whole school community. The school has a sophisticated computer network and technology is incorporated in learning programs. All students learn mandarin through a school wide program. The community served by the school is stable and parents, carers and teachers have high expectations for students' learning.